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I don't get much time to answer e-mails, but I love hearing from people:
Please be sure your subject line will allow me to distinguish your mail from spam or viruses.
To request portfolio sample materials, please write to me at: PO Box 10913, Blacksburg, VA 24060.
Originally trained as a stone sculptor, Sue Nees shifted her attention to narrative drawing in 2002. She primarily works in sumi ink, a water-soluble ink best known for its use in Eastern calligraphy. Her digital images are created by manipulating scanned drawings with digital imaging software.

In 2003, Sue began a series of illustrations and story-fragments which she publishes in the form of 2" x 3" cards. These cards are inspired by library reference cards, and they feature bits of information about stories and characters currently under development. As of December 2004, there are 230 items in this collection. Titles include The Wreck of the Craven Fear, The Legend of Nantoka, Lit'l Miss Grifty's Ten Cent Tarot, Pretty Behavior, and Who is Antlerpants? Work from this collection can be viewed at Sue's gallery at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, Virginia.

Sue also publishes the Traces library for creative literacy, a website advocating a broader understanding of the role of self-expression in human life.

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