Joining our online gallery of artists is simple. If you would like to be displayed in the gallery pages simply send us some samples of your work. There are no fees to membership. We will link your gallery to any existing web pages you are currently maintaining as well as encourage the sale of your art, if that is your interest.

We are actively seeking partners interested in funding college tuition for Vietnamse students interested in majoring in the arts. We especially want to encourage the establishment of a College of Arts and Crafts with international standards in Dalat, Vietnam. Majors should include dance, music, literature, sculpture, printing, CAD and architecture, multi-media arts, film, anthropolgy, horticulture, and linguistics. Please contact us to discuss your interests in involvement or sponsorship.

Web Hosting
Free Webhosting For Artists - We are currently offering web addresses starting with If you qualify for sponsorship we will build, or allow you to build, a website displaying your art. While you may sell your art we will not host any businesses, or allow banners or advertisements. This is an art gallery on the web and needs to have a certain beauty to it. To get your site please send us an example of your work.

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Questions or comments please let us know. - Administrator