Brenda Reeves

Bathing in cyanide
wrapped in liquid suicide
tick, tock
hands moving with merciless continuity
impatience shrieking in unadorned
hush now. never interrupt
midnight's serenity
moment's gone
time moves on
slipping below the sound
draw an airless breath
breath in...
choke on bittersweet memories
waltz of spasms and shudders
poison's constricting
-Oh it burns!-
coils tangling
around wrists
shackled and bound to
Death's grinning face
masquerade of joviality
offering a crooked elbow
... -such a gentlemen-
joining the dance with infinity's doorman
spinning in graceful
... ring around the rose-y
breathless sigh of defeat
... -triumph
washed in pain
buried in refuse.


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-Brenda Reeves