Voute 69

Stake out at Elephant Edge

And a building that’s full

Of some African people

Who’ve so much to teach me

I ’d like to sojourn here

A little bit longer

Under the shade of your walls;

Stashed in the cellar

Where nobody wanted to be;

Under a tumble-down bridge:

You sort through the rubble... .

You have to be careful

In case all the people;

The workaday people

Who trade their existence for money,

Should find out at last,

After all of these years

You were building a home

In the stars.

Voute 69, the hole inthe wall;

The place where I wanted to be

Most of all,

Unless I should die in your arms.

It’s almost a railway but isn’t,

It’s almost outside but it isn’t:

It’s almost a railway.

It’s nearly the nastiest place in the world:

It’s almost a place I call home.

Ross Chapman

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