Above the silver bardic bells
angels sow their mystic seed
upon the mantled mirrored maze,
as they sing the myriad's mass.

The motive mistrals' maiden masque
mimes the crescent chrysalid crèche
that holds the starry cryptic creed,
the crystal coronal coptic code.

Above the holy harvest host
the northern lights spread their wings.
They charge the wondrous dancing whorls
with lightning from their burnished breath.

They flash the plumes of their velvet verse
with vapors of dew and veils of mist,
whisking winds of the chambered chariot
that holds the changeling cherub's crown.

Above the cambered cosmic course,
upon the sacred celestial loom,
angels stitch the sylvan seam
astride the manna's mysterious mare.

John M. Marshall — 2004


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