Falling Rock on-line Publishing License and Commitment

Falling Rock on-line Publishing is dedicated to the promotion of art for arts sake. Art is a great benefit to all communities and societies irregardless of government, religion, policy or border. Falling Rock will never profit from the art, artists, or  visitors to our site(s). We will never allow advertisements, banners or pop-up ads. While we may facilitate artists  in selling and profiting from their own works this will be entirely for the benefit of the artist and buyer and will not interfere with the site(s), galleries, or experience of using our site. This is a non-commerical website and will always be a non-commercial website.

All works of art on this site are the sole property of the artist who created them. No piece of work presented on this site may be reproduced in whole or in part without the explicit permission of the artist.

Welcome, and enjoy.

Damon Anderson, Founder

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