Damon Wyle
Founder of the Cerebrallist art movement. While obviously not the first Cerebrallist his poetry is extremely personal and visual. More and more as as our society accepts the individual as a symbol of society it looks at it's members to see an image of itself. So too is a poet a mirror for themselves and thereby also a mirror for society. One of the keys to understanding the Cerebrallist movement is to understand the pressures and vices that permeat our society and how they affect us. This is what we find in Damon's Poetry.

As a poet his trade is words, and yet he frequently rejects them decrying them as shadows of reality, favoring the concrete to abstract. Yet at the same time his images maybe so personal as to be only understood in the purest sense of emotion. He has refused to allow the publication of certain poems claiming they are too valuable to him as messages to be shared publicly, but we are proud to offer a meager selection from his prolific writings.

-The Founder