Brenda Reeves

crimson streams of liquid love
dripping languidly to the river
at my feet

mirror shattered
broken glass stepping over me
glinting in amused imperfection
- tinkling bells of screaming agony
blinding my senses
numb to the absent reality
- the twisted misconception
staleborn chords of a lost
melody, marring the arias haunting
kaleidoscope of vivid vagueness
blinding pool-myriad of opaque sorrow
peering up at me
gaunt hand of blackened youth
- captivating nights of lacking joy
reaching with tangible scorn
- pristine arrogance
pulling me in to drown in the puddle
- the lake of erratic unsurity
to leave as I came-
- ricochet, coming back full tilt
no stopping
...............never left.


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-Brenda Reeves